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 Name: Carmine
 Location: Yorkton, Sasktchewan, Canada

bands/singers: Bif Naked, Garbage, Toby Keith, Big N Rich, Sugarland, NIN, Wednesday 13, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Rihanna, Sarah McLaughlan, Celine Dion, Shania, and lots more, I listen to such a variety of music i could clutter this thing with artists i have lol. songs: Babygirl- Sugarland, The Numa Numa Song(unknown artist), These Words- Natasha Bedingfield, She's My Kind of Rain-Tim McGraw, and the list could go on...
 books: Gothic Ghost Stories by A.S Mott, I have a few Wicca books i'm in the process of reading.
food: pizza, just about anything pasta(fettuticini alphredo 'sp?"), grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken(roast, fingers, you name it lol, except the heart ewww), veggies with ranch dip, salad, lemon chicken rice soup and salmon.
quote: "I am Beautiful. Nobody Can Take That Away From Me."
stores: Finishing Touch, Warehouse One, Suzy Shier(for pants and skirts), Walmart and Superstore for all my grocery needs ;)
 Movies: Constantine, The Pacifier, Ginger Snaps(1 to 3), American Pie(1 to 3), Batman Forever, Addams Family Values.
 scent: Raspberry(Avon collection)

 [your opinion on]
Hip-Hop: some of its okay, but the overall majority should be removed from radio/tv.
Paris Hilton: Attention wh*re
Angelina Jolie: elegant and very inspiring
 Johnny Depp: cute, great actor rock/punk
 music: depends on the band. Groups like Simple Plan look like wannabes of Good Charlotte(to me anyways)
Modeling: overrated. Gives young girls a so called "perfect" image. But money wise, its okay I guess(or so i've heard).
being "different" these days: All for it, I strive to not be one of the "like omg" chicks(which is the majority of them in my town).
What is a good quality of yours? I listen to others when they need to talk to someone seriously. I'm hard-working and have busted my butt to get to where I am(and for every dime I've wasted too :P).
What is your favorite subject in school (if still in school)? High school it was either English(unless it was the term I had a horrible teacher) or Cosmotology.
Who promoted you? (if anyone)
Promote us in two places and provide the link:
 http://www.livejournal.com/users/skyotic/46560.html?view=65248#t65248 http://www.livejournal.com/users/midnightangel20/35866.html
 Me and My boyfriend of just over two years

 Me with no makeup, and my face is slightly sunburnt from the weekend before. :S

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