Kayla Michelle (kaylamichellex) wrote in imglamorous,
Kayla Michelle

Name: Kayla Michelle FOlgueira

Age: 15

Location: Miami, Flordia


bands/singers: Postal Service, the killers, Greenday, Yellowcard, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, the Used, much more...

songs: against all odds, o, do something, going crazy, etc.

books: the notebook, a walk to remember, how to kill a mocking bird, etc.

food: pizza, pasta, chinese food, and chicken.

quote: why do you try to fit in when your born to stand out

stores: hollister, american eagle, normstrong, and abericombie and fitch

Movies: the notebook, a walk to remeber, what a girl wants, coyote ugly, mr.deeds

scent: curious, tommy girl

[your opinion on]

Hip-Hop: i can listen to it but not for hours

Paris Hilton: really hot

Angelina Jolie: beautiful

Johnny Depp: soooo hot

rock/punk music: rocks<BR>Modeling: is dope ( im a model myself =) )

being "different" these days: i think being different is really god because your standing out your being yourself..and thats not a crime

What is a good quality of yours? i have a good smile &amp; im really open to people

What is your favorite subject in school (if still in school)? i love english

Who promoted you? (if anyone) no one

Promote us in two places and provide the link: not in any communities
[Post at least 2 pictures of yourself and one small one for the members page!]

sister & me [ im on the right ] me  in Puerto Rico

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